Work in progress: two testimonials from Belgium

Our partner Maks, from Belgium, reported 2 testimonials from experts in Belgium about the work they are leading in Bruxelles, Belgium:

  • « We used digital storytelling to speak about radicalisation in a weak and very heterogeneous class. The projects took away the walls between the pupils. There was a groupe effect; the youngsters learned to work together, to discuss between them ». Sebastiaen Boudart, teacher French, Institut Marius Renard, Anderlecht
  • « The pupils love to express themselves through the new media. They feel comfortable to use these tools. » Anke Verberckmoes, Teacher General Courses, Instituut Anneessens Funck, Brussels

Additionally they started the discussion « Digital storytelling to speak about radicalisation in schools » in the group Global Citizenship Education on Unite IT. Join us here!