Work in progress: two testimonials from Belgium

Our partner Maks, from Belgium, reported 2 testimonials from experts in Belgium about the work they are leading in Bruxelles, Belgium:

  • « We used digital storytelling to speak about radicalisation in a weak and very heterogeneous class. The projects took away the walls between the pupils. There was a groupe effect; the youngsters learned to work together, to discuss between them ». Sebastiaen Boudart, teacher French, Institut Marius Renard, Anderlecht
  • « The pupils love to express themselves through the new media. They feel comfortable to use these tools. » Anke Verberckmoes, Teacher General Courses, Instituut Anneessens Funck, Brussels

Additionally they started the discussion “Digital storytelling to speak about radicalisation in schools” in the group Global Citizenship Education on Unite IT. Join us here!