The “BRIGHTS Awards: best digital story on Global Citizenship topics” is the contest launched by the BRIGHTS Consortium with the purpose of selecting the best digital stories produced by youngsters during the project.

The students will be supported by their teachers or trainers in the production of their digital stories on Global Citizenship Education topics such as sustainable development and lifestyle, social inclusion and cultural diversity, gender equality, peace and human rights, active citizenship and democracy.

Who are the BRIGHTS Awards for?

The Awards are addressed to project participants in Belgium, Croatia, Greece and Italy: young people who have participated in workshops on digital storytelling supported by their teachers or trainers. If you are one of them find out how to apply for the BRIGHTS Awards. 

Take the opportunity to win a trip to Brussels!

By submitting your digital story to the BRIGHTS Awards you will have the opportunity to be selected as national winner and be invited to participate with your teacher/trainer in the ALL DIGITAL Summit which will be held in Brussels on the 18-19 October 2018. The national winners will be awarded during the “BRIGHTS Awards Ceremony for the best digital story”, which is taking place on the 18th October in the evening as part of the ALL DIGITAL Awards.

Travel and accommodation costs for two nights will be covered by us for you and your teacher or trainer.

How can I apply for the BRIGHTS Awards?


In order to apply for the BRIGHTS Awards, please follow the two steps below before the deadline:

  • Fill in the form with the support of your teacher.
  • Send your digital story to the BRIGHTS national tutor.

How do I send my digital story to the national tutor?

It’s easy, follow the steps!

Use We Transfer web‐application to send your digital story to the national tutor.

  1. Go to ;
  2. Add the file(s) of your video;
  3. Write the recipient e‐mail address:
  4. Enter your e‐mail address;
  5. Type your message that must encompass:
    • the name of the author(s),
    • title of the video,
    • the Country.
  6. Click on TRANSFER

What will be the next steps?

  • Four finalist digital stories will be selected by the BRIGHTS national tutors in each project country by the 31st July 2018;
  • All finalist stories must be subtitled in English and will be evaluated by an international jury;
  • Four national winners (one per country) will be announced by the 17th September 2018;
  • The winners will be awarded during the BRIGHTS Awards ceremony in Brussels (18th October 2018) where one of them will also receive the best BRIGHTS digital story award at European level.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Your digital story will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Choice of subject and relevance to the BRIGHTS Global Citizenship Education topics:
  1. Sustainable development and lifestyle
  2. Social inclusion and cultural diversity
  3. Gender equality
  4. Peace and human rights
  5. Active citizenship and democracy
  1. Quality of concept and writing: how the story presents the global citizenship topic and reflects the creator’s personal point of view; how the topic is developed and whether it fosters social cohesion and promotes intercultural dialogue and democratic values in Europe.
  2. Creativity and originality: creativity and originality in the use and combination of pictures, sounds and other forms of expression.
  3. Technical Execution: quality of sound, images and editing.

Keep in mind that the story should comply with specific technical requirements that will be clarified to you by your teacher/trainer (i.e. length of the story, language, title, reference to BRIGHTS Project and to Erasmus + logos and disclaimer, copyright notice etc).

How can I promote my digital story?

Please share your digital story with your peers on the BRIGHTS Facebook page and the BRIGHTS twitter account.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spread your message across Europe and raise awareness on the Global Citizenship topics!