The BRIGHTS Project is coming to an end, but its results are not!

The BRIGHTS “Boosting Global Citizenship Education using digital storytellingpurpose is to promote Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in formal and non-formal Education with the help of digital storytelling (DS) techniques, leading to more socially inclusive Education and training policies and practices in Europe.

The project’s main objectives were

  1. to build teachers’ and trainers’ capacity to implement GCE with young people using digital storytelling techniques, and
  2. to empower young people to develop social, civic and intercultural competences as well as critical thinking, media literacy, creativity and digital skills. In practice, young people will produce digital stories on Global Citizenship topics.

Now that the project is almost ending, what is the outcome?

A MOOC under the title “Addressing Global Citizenship Education through Digital Storytelling” has been delivered to more than 1000 secondary school teachers and trainers working with young people. Its content is available to anyone interested in GCE and its application through digital storytelling through the project website.

The online training has been completed with face-to-face workshops where teachers and trainers had the chance to test the BRIGHTS methodology to then be able to implement it directly with young people (13-19 years old).

This was the core project activity during which the students have been engaged in the production of digital stories on GCE topics. Heartwarming but also engaging digital stories have been produced by our youngsters. Each of them gave its personal point of view on different and relevant topics such as inclusion, racism etc, bringing in its digital product a bit of its story and culture. All digital stories produced can be watched through the project website.

Through the production of digital stories, students have been empowered to combat radicalization and social exclusion and develop social, civic, and intercultural competences as well as critical thinking, media literacy, creativity and digital skills.

To crystallise these meaningful results and have a further impact, Policy Recommendations have been produced. They address policy makers as well as educators and trainers.

We hope that although the BRIGHTS Project is coming to an end, its results will continue to foster and promote Global Citizenship Education among youngsters as well as teachers, trainers and European citizens!