BRIGHTS present at the ET2020 meeting in Sofia

On 18th April Gabriela Ruseva, ALL DIGITAL’s Policy Officer, presented the BRIGHTS project at the meeting of the ET2020 working group on digital skills and competences of DG EAC of the European Commission. The meeting took place in Sofia, the capital of the rotating Presidency of the EU, which is now in the hands of Bulgaria until 1st July 2018.

The working group is composed mainly of representatives of ministries of education from EU and candidate countries, and its aim is to facilitate collaboration and exchange of good practices among member states in the field of digital competences. In addition, some stakeholder organisations such as ALL DIGITAL, European SchoolNet, EDEN, LLLP and other can be associated members. The working group is a good channel on one hand for being aware of what different member states are doing with regards to digital skills. On the other hand, it is also a way to promote our members’ work and projects. The group is focused mainly on formal education, and projects like BRIGHTS, where we work with schools, are very interesting for the members.

Gabriela presented the project in general terms, informing about the training curriculum and ongoing MOOC. Digital storytelling is still quite new for most of the ministerial officials and is not part of the formal curriculum as a method to teach subjects related to global citizenship education. This further proves the need for policy advocacy actions to raise awareness among policy makers at all levels.

The next meeting of the group will take place in September 2018 and the BRIGHTS project will make sure to present the results of our piloting experience to ministry experts.