BRIGHTS methodology as an opportunity for NGOs in field of technical culture

A presentation of BRIGHTS methodology and policy recommendations was organized for 14 representatives of national associations in the field of technical culture in order to explore the possibilities of expanding the methodology to other subjects and users, but also to make a joint effort in influencing the decision makers on national level to give a larger support to the topics of Global Citizenship through non-formal education.

Zagorka Prce Veseli presented the BRIGHTS project and the results which were accomplished during the project on National and European level. In more detail she described the methodology of education of youth workers and teachers, methodology of digital storytelling, the specifics of working with youngsters on Global Citizenship topics and the importance of development and application of digital knowledge and skills. After the presentation, there was a discussion about the possibilities for application of already developed methodology in order to teach children and youth about other topics besides GC and about what other digital and technical skills could be used for educating youth for Global Citizenship.

After the discussion, Olivera Stanić presented the project’s conclusions about the needs of educators in the field of Global Citizenship Education on National level and the recommendations about how to approach to the decision makers in order to reach needed impact for further development of GCE. After the presentation, participants have agreed with the conclusions and discussed about the ways they could act together towards the decision makers. In addition, everyone agreed that they will discuss the possibility of disseminating project results within their associations by using the developed methodology, but also by developing other digital methods of Global Citizenship Education.

In the end, Olivera Stanić presented the Unite-IT platform. All of the participants have welcomed the existence of such a platform and stated that they see a great value in the platform for the networking and learning from other individuals and organizations.