The final version of the Compendium of practices has been published by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership. BRIGHTS is in it!

Do you remember that the BRIGHTS project was presented by the project coordinator, Barbara Quarta, at the Symposium “Connecting the Dots: Young People, Social Inclusion and Digitalisation”?  The Symposium was organized by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership and took place on 26-28 June 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The 2018 Symposium of the EU-CoE youth partnership focused on exploring the intersection between social inclusion of young people and digitalisation, reflecting especially on how digitalisation affects young people’s lives, and what the role of youth policy, youth work and youth research can be in this respect.

The BRIGHTS project results were presented during the interactive workshop on “Combating discrimination in the digital space, hate speech, cyber-bullying and harassment” which was held on 27 of June. The project was also promoted through copies of project leaflets and the BRIGHTS Info Kit on Global Citizenship Education distributed to the participants. Moreover, BRIGHTS, was included in the Compendium of Practices published by EU-CoE Youth Partnership.

Finally, we have the final version of the compendium! Have a look and find our BRIGHTS Project!