National seminar on GCE in Opatija, Croatia

NGO Žmergo, on 13th of October, in Opatija, Croatia, organised the First national seminar, “Eat local, think global” concerning Global Citizenship Education within EAThink 2015, “a project for primary and secondary schools of 12 European and 2 African countries funded by the European Union with the objective of enhancing European students’ and teachers’ critical understanding and active engagement in global development challenges.”

Attendants, mainly educational workers, were lectured on the comparative benefits of Global Citizenship Education, on its implementation, methods and many positive effects. The main focus of the event was on the presentation of various good practices and experiences from teachers involved in EAThink project, and the importance of Global Citizenship Education in assuring a better future.

To know more about EAThink project, its goals and methods, follow this link.