BRIGHTS Second Multiplier Event in Croatia

Join us in the BRIGHTS multiplier event “Global citizens for the 21st century” that will be held at the Centre of technical culture Rijeka in Rijeka, Croatia, on Wednesday, February 7th, starting at 10:00 and lasting until 15:00.

They will gather the representatives from the formal and informal education, and all the other stakeholders interested in the Global Citizenship Education.

On the event, they will present and promote the BRIGHTS Project and how to participate in the project. Also, they will present the examples of good practice, talk about the topics related to the Global Citizenship Education, and highlight why it is so important in the context of contemporary society.

Read here the program of the multiplier event in (English, Croatian).

If you are interested in participating in the event, please feel free to fill out the registration form on the bottom of the page hereThe registration deadline is February 4th 2018.