BRIGHTS project in Rijeka

On the 28th of April Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka presented the BRIGHTs project to the principals of elementary schools from the city of Rijeka.

CTC Rijeka presented the project and project consortium, as well as the methods and goals of the project: the concepts of Global Citizenship Education and digital storytelling, as well as the project activities. CTC Rijeka concentrated on the gains for the schools that choose to get involved in the project, such as education for teachers with the MOOC and face-to-face workshops, with emphasis on methodology and didactic tools.

The educational programme will be offered to the students from the 7th and 8th grade, with the education for teachers projected to start in the first months of 2018. Great emphasis was put on knowledge and values instilled in the pupils, such as improvement of digital skills, tolerance, self-expression and critical thinking, already in synergy with the citizen education programme that is getting ready to be implemented in some elementary schools in the city of Rijeka.

CTC Rijeka presented the activities and progress on the project, such as MOOC, as well as the approximate dates of their implementation. To emphasize project results and values, the principals watched two films that present the values of Global Citizenship Education and made during the projects implementing the methodology of digital storytelling. They were called to join and participate on the Unite-IT platform.

The principals were interested in precise benefits for the teachers and pupils, as wells as the dates by which the principals and teachers should report their willingness to participate in the project activities. They expressed the need for clear, concrete communication and precise definition of their obligations. They emphasized the need for expert opinion by the Ministry of Science and Education on the educational programme offered to teachers and pupils, because some of the principals want to avoid bad experiences with non-formally approved programmes.

In general, the principals keenly expressed their interest in the project, and want to be informed about the progress on the project.