Centro Studi Foligno (CSF)

The Association Study Center City of Foligno is a training agency active since the year 2000 in the territory of the Municipality of Foligno. The Association is a no-profit private organization whose founding members are the Municipality of Foligno, the Province of Perugia, the Umbria Region, the University of Perugia and the local bank Fundation. Our main activity is the constant research of local, national and community funds, for two main reasons:

  1. Answer to the training and employability needs of people who live in Foligno and in the surrounded areas;
  2. Connect people with a wider educational and working context, with the aim to favor an intercultural comparison and dialogue for the development of the person and of the society in general.

The Association was firstly founded with the main function of logistic and organizational secretariat of the University Course on Management of Civil Project activities. During the years, it has extended its role of Training Agency towards areas of Vocational Training, Planning and Management of EU Resources, Professional Requalification, as well as the organization of Workshops, Seminars, Work-based learning and Masters. These activities make the CSF an educational reality able to pick up and to satisfy the requirements and the needs of the territory in a competent and agile way. We have worked with and for different target groups, always starting from the assumption that a high-quality education and training are fundamental to the whole realization of the individual. “Education for all”, in our case, has meant in particular the realization of training courses and other formative interventions for disadvantaged groups. Unemployment, handicap, gender and racial discrimination, from one side, have been dismantled with adaptability, guidance and social inclusion, from the other side.

Website: www.cstudifoligno.it
Contact: Altheo Valentini