Balkan regional seminar on global citizenship education

On the 17th and 18th of October, over 50 representatives of civil society organizations and local and regional self-government organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia gathered in Zagreb to assess the level of implementation of the recommendations agreed at the seminar held last year in Beograd, in the area of educational politics of global citizenship education and curriculum development, and pedagogical support and advocacy.

Zagorka Prce Veseli from Centre of technical culture Rijeka participated in the event where she presented BRIGHTS project and its results achieved so far, after which she explained in more detail the methodology of education for people who work with young people in the field of global citizenship education. Participants were informed about the method of digital storytelling and how it is used to educate about global citizenship. Zagorka Prce Veseli highlighted its benefits, as well as the knowledge, skills and personality traits that are desirable for the people who use this teaching method. The participants were interested in the possibility of attending a developed online course and they also emphasized the need for the development of the same or similar methods, but also the need to educate the providers of global citizenship education, and the lack of support from the liable governments. The participants were particularly interested in the existence of the working group on global citizenship at the Unite – IT platform and the opportunities that it offers to exchange experiences, as well as the teaching methods that can be used in the implementation of global citizenship education.

This meeting was organized within the framework of the Joint Program signed between the Council of Europe and the European Union to promote global citizenship education through dialogue, networking strategies, capacity building and the exchange of educational practices.